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RTI2-B Overview
RTI2-B is a promising framework for prevention & intervention within a three-tiered approach. Each tier of the framework involves careful reflection on the needs of students, the design of interventions matching those needs, and the collection of data to evaluate progress. All of these efforts require a shared school-wide commitment to teach and reinforce positive behavior. It also involves adopting an optimistic view that all students can learn appropriate behavior if sufficient and supportive opportunities are provided. When using positive behavior supports in all three tiers (e.g., focusing on teaching students the behaviors we want to see, as opposed to punishing the behaviors we don’t want to see, and developing relationships between students and school staff), schools create a culture where all students and teachers are respected and included in their community. Furthermore, student and staff contributions to the school create a positive and proactive way to acknowledge, engage, and respect all stakeholders.
The purpose of RTI2-B is to empower educators to equip all students with the opportunity to meet high expectations regarding behavior and the support to reach every student.  

Tier 1

Tier I includes establishing school-wide expectations to support a sense of safety and inclusion among students and staff, teaching and modeling those expectations within different settings throughout the school, positively acknowledging students and staff who follow expectations, having a formal system for responding to inappropriate behavior, and maintaining a school-wide system where all stakeholders’ opinions are valued.

Watauga School Wide Expectations 
Be Safe 
Be Respectful 
Be Responsible 
Watauga Behavior Matrix

Class Dojo
Students will be recognized for following our school wide expectations for being safe, respectful and responsible by receiving "dojo points." These points can be earned all over the school including the classroom, playground, and cafeteria. At the end of each nine weeks students with 85% or more positive "dojo points" will be rewarded with a good behavior party!
We are happy to use this tool to promote good behavior and connect with parents more efficiently! 
Check with your student's homeroom teacher to get more information about Class Dojo! 

Tier 2

Tier II involves delivering more targeted interventions for approximately 10-15% of students who do not respond to Tier I supports. Tier II interventions are provided in addition to Tier I supports in place for all students in the school. Interventions at Tier II are typically systematic, evidence-based interventions that are delivered to groups of students at a time. For example, Tier II interventions typically include small-group social skills instruction, behavior contracts, self-monitoring plans, and check-in/check-out.

If a student would benefit from Tier II support, parents will be contacted to plan out the best support necessary.

The Primary Tier II intervention at Watauga is Check In/Check Out. 
Check In/Check Out(CICO):
A group-based intervention where students check in each morning with an assigned adult Students will receive a Daily Progress Report (DPR) that teachers complete after each subject, and will check out with the same adult as morning check in. Point totals are graphed daily, and students track their progress toward their behavior goals. Check In will occur in the morning when the student first arrives to school and check out will be at 2pm before the school day is over. If a CICO teacher is absent they will set up a substitute for the student to see and receive their DPR.