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We here at Watauga are very lucky to have such a wonderful library! 


The library contains an inventory of books, materials, and A-V equipment.  The internet is accessible through the library.

A program is provided for all students in Kindergarten through Fifth grades.  Each class has the opportunity to go to the library once a week for  library lessons and book check-out with the librarian.  Library manners, skills (location and catalog strategies), literature appreciation, and comprehension are the main skills stressed during this time.

The library works closely with classroom teachers to provide books and materials they request to enhance classroom instruction.                                    

 Don't throw out those old encyclopedias!  Teachers can still use them in their classrooms -- History doesn't change!  If you are going online for all your research now and those books are collecting dust, several teachers are wanting some for their classroom.  If missing a volume or two, that's OK, too.  Just make sure they are in good condition (no mildew)  We wouldn't want to infect the rest of our books(-:



To search for a book in our Watauga Library, click on the link below and search the catalog.

You will not need a password!

Watauga Elementary Library Catalog



Please help your child remember to bring their books back each week.
Reading is so important to a child's education in all subject areas.      

                                                                       Ms. Robin, Librarian


Leave a Legacy for Years to Come

An opportunity is provided at any time for your child, loved ones, or friends to be honored and remembered over and over again.  Our library has a list of books that can be purchased and placed in honor or memory of a requested person or event such as the start of school, or birthdays.  Each book that is purchased will have a special dedication placed in the front of the book.  Book prices will vary. Please contact me or the office if your are interested.

Mrs. Robin Choate

Titles: Library Media Specialist
Locations: WAT
Departments: Librarian

     Welcome back to all the parents and students that have been coming to Watauga and a BIG Welcome to our new parents!  Let me introduce myself  my name is Miss Robin.  This is my 37th year here as Watauga's librarian.

I need your help when it comes to your child/children checking out books.  Please model for your children how to take care of books.  Please tell your child/children not to put their water bottles or lunch boxes in their backpacks with their library books.  Most of the library books that are damaged is a result of leaking water bottles and leaky lunch boxes.  Also when your child/children brings home a library book please remind  them to put their book back in their backpack not on a bookshelf.  With your help, together we will make this a great year!   

Kaylynn Smith

Titles: Interim Library Media Specialist
Locations: WAT
Departments: Librarian