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       The computer lab is integrated into all areas of the curriculum as an extension of the classroom.  Each class (K-5) attends computer lab for a scheduled 55-minute period every week.  A full-time computer assistant (Ms. Marilda) is present for all computer lab classes.  Students are given assignments that are planned to coincide with current classroom studies.  Early grades are taught basic computer skills.  Older students are taught keyboarding skills, the use of Word, Internet safety, and research skills.

       Internet access is available, however students must have technology permission slips on file before they are allowed to use it.  The lab maintains a list of students whose parents might deny permission to use the internet and all means possible are used to abide by our parents' wishes.  Tennessee K-12 schools have blocking software that prohibits students from accessing adult oriented, illegal, racist, or school cheating materials.  Many teachers send students in small groups for research to write reports/biographies.

       Some of the software we have purchased is internet based, but housed on a secure server in the Springfield technology building and is not accessible by outside sources.  We do not consider the use of these programs as being "on the internet."  These programs are;

Riverdeep - This is a web-based program that can be used by students in grades K-5. Math and Language lessons are offered; It can be accessed from the Robertson County Schools Website on the important links page.  The software is housed on a secure server in the technology office in Springfield.  This is not considered being "on the internet."

Brainpop - K-5 Cross Curriculum.  We have purchased a license and the students know the password.  It can be used at home until 4:30 pm.  Parts of it are free without a license. There is also an app where it can be used on ipad, ipod, and iphone.

Robertson County Textbooks - Textbooks are available online.  You can access these using the information sheet that was sent home at the beginning of the year, from our school website or from the county website.  We are not allowed to post passwords online.  If you have misplaced your copy of the passwords, please contact the school office and we will be happy to provide them.

Other Internet Sites that are entertaining AND Educational:

     (Click on address to go to the site)

Reading and Language Arts   (great site for learning readers) (create your own comic strip)   (have to register, but free)   (If you enjoy reading The Magic Tree House books, you will love this site.)

    Grammeropolis   (Learn about the parts of speech - interactive - limited free)

     syllable practice --

     vocabulary games @    (K-12)  (Make Tracing Pages)


Stories to download or Read On-line  (create, share, read, print your own story; sign up, but free) 

                 (Create a story from scratch or w/starter and print or "publish".

                   Can print for free - or pay to  publish. Have to register but free) (Hear actors reading stories) (Hear in English or Spanish) (Download recorded books in public domain for free)  (Select a book, hear it read aloud)

     the gutenberg project - download free ebooks

Math  Algebra and more for all ages  (Limited # per day w/o subscription) (Interactive arcade style games - try demolition division) - Flash Cards  (Interactive strategy, skill, memory, etc. games.  Kids love to play Bloxors here)   (practice and test X's tables)

      Subtraction practice  (-Interactive flash cards)   (You can find Timez Attack here to practice multiplication.  My students love  it - Has to be downloaded - There is a free version, also one you pay for.)  Math games for all ages K-8

 to Ms. Mowry and her math students in northern California for this website.  It is one of their favorites in addition to finding and using our Watauga lab page.

          Thanks also to Mesa Valley schools in Colorado who refer to our page and  "Samantha" for suggesting the "Calculator Page."  This site lists several hot links to different types of calculators, from one that talks to you, to one that determines your age in "dog years"!!  Saving for an XBox?--  try the piggy bank to see how much to save for how long to reach your goal.  Click here:


     Science Bob  (Science Fair Ideas, Experiments, etc)

     Science Fair Central - (More project ideas & presentation tips)

        Science Fair Steps video @ Nat'l Geo. -  Bugs, Solar System, etc. -- click "demo" to dissect a frog  (access science book and take a test after video)

Social Studies & History

     Xplore w/Lewis & Clark   (facts about tennessee

Cross Curriculum
           (Reading and Math Arcade)  (use TN. textbooks to answer interactive questions) -
Soc. Studies,Science,Money,Sports,Games,Quizzes  (limited free parts) (Different grades, subjects, intreractive skill tests)   (Click on Resources and then Interactive Games)


     arcademicskillbuilders  (Math & Lang.Arts)  (Fun programs for young learners)

     Childrens Learning Network    (Lessons covering all subjects as well as educational songs. Try Fraction Rock)

     Learning games for kids  Keyboarding, Math, pre-school stories, states, etc.

     netrover (Over 400 pages of kids educational games, interactive writing, animated stories, songs, kids puzzles, art, and much more)

     BrainPop and BrainPopJr   (School has subscription 7 AM to 5PM - the kids know the password) Parts are free w/o a subscription

         henryanker  (Interactive tests and activities for all grades, all subjects)   USA, Math, Animals, Nutrition, etc.

Keyboarding      (typing games)  (149 Typing Games!)     Worldwide real-time typing competition

Logic and Puzzle Games

Internet Safety/Bullying

The Department of Education has set down rules for Internet Safety in Schools
Public Chapter 989 Internet Safety was passed into law in the spring of 2008.  This law, TCA § 49-1-221,  gives directives to directors of public schools for specific steps that they should take in establishing an acceptable use policy for students and employees, reporting that policy to the Tennessee Department of Education, and implementing an Internet Safety Curriculum into their K-12 schools.

Below are a few of the sites we visit in the lab to teach Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, and basic Internet use.


  netsmartz kids -

teaches Internet safety through fun characters, games, songs, and videos.


disney's surf swell island  -

Interactice Indiana Jones type activities


 privacy playground



welcome to the web  - Interactive


i keep safe with Faux Paw (Click the Youth Button)


Internet safety with Professor Garfield


Thinkuknow cyber cafe - students help virtual kids make good choices  -

Links for parents, kids, & teachers w/steps to stop bullying


For Fun

Free Painting online -  (Painting - Have to download, but free open source software)


primarygames  Cross curriculum, As well as Arcade style for fun    Coloring and Jigsaw pages + learning etc.  Hot Wheels, racing, fashion, Barbie, etc.    Fashion games for girls   Mario, spiderman, transformers, etc.


Go to Recycle City  and learn the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)

EARTH DAY Games and Puzzles

Lab's Symbaloo Page:

Cheat Codes for x-box, playstation, etc.  (Blocked at School)

Practice vocabulary and math at

Each correct answer becomes a donation of rice to a third world country by the web sponsor

Students overcome hardships of Read Across America Costumes to use Computers

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